What is Chaoscraft?
Chaoscraft is a 2D platformer MORPG (Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game). Chaoscraft features a dynamic combat system, an elborate crafting system similar to that of Runescape and Tibia and highly inspired by platformer games such as Maplestory and Terraia.

What makes Chaoscraft so special?
Chaoscraft features an elaborate crafting system, with over 14 different skills to master to level 99. Outside the realm of skilling, Chaoscraft also features dynamic group PvP and PvE instances with hundreds of quests to complete. If you think your characters lacking appearance, Chasocraft even features a cosmetic cash shop!

How can I play?
Chaoscraft is currently under devolpment, we'll be sure to let all players know when the next possible date of release will be!